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Corneille van Beverloo was born in 1922 in Liège, Belgium, by Dutch parents. After his school years he studied drawing at the Arts Academy in Amsterdam during the years 1940-43. As a painter he is autodidact.
The first exhibition was shown 1946 in the Dutch city of Groningen together with artists from the Dutch Experimental group Reflex.
Corneille came to Paris for the first time in 1946, and immediately he felt at home in the pulsating art metropolis. Together with Karel Appel, Asger Jorn, Dotremont and Constant, Corneille founded the COBRA-group in Paris 1948. Many other artists, poets and architects joined the group; among them the Swedish artists C-O Hultén, Max Walter Svanberg and Anders Osterlin.
During his travels around the world Corneille has got impulses and inspiration to new works of art. Especially the African culture has influenced and enriched his work, and during his journeys to Africa the interest for African art aroused and made him a devoted collector of African sculptures and masks.




El animal cómplice


El pájaro arlequín


El tigre amoroso


El pintor y su modelo




Extremo oriental


Retrato imaginario I


Retrato imaginario II






Efusión del gato


El ave de las islas


El gran verano I y II


Himno al verano


Imagen de una cálida manana bajo el Monte Fujo


La mujer y el pájaro


Las medias negras


Las tres estrllas




Mujer desmelenada


Orquídea purpúrea


Sueno acuatico

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