The Early Renaissance



Vincenzo Foppa


Vincenzo Foppa

(b Bagnolo, nr Brescia, 1427–30; d Brescia, 1515–16).

Italian painter and architect, milanese school. He spent most of his painting career at Pavia, where he was patronized by the ruling Sforza family, the Dukes of Milan. Although many of his frescoes have been destroyed, his work in this medium prompted Filarete to name him among the greatest painters of his time, the only Lombard to be so honoured. Foppa also worked at Genoa and Savona, but he spent most of his later years working at Brescia.



The Adoration of the Kings

National Gallery, London



Madonna and Child with an Angel

Galleria degli Uffizi, Florence




Pinacoteca di Brera, Milan

Bottigella Altarpiece

Musei Civici, Pavia

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