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Israhel van Meckenem



Israhel Van Meckenem the Younger

(1445 - 1503)

German engraver, the son of an engraver of the same name, active c. 1450-65. He was trained by his father and probably by Master E.S., whose work he copied. His oeuvre is bigger than that of any other 15th-century engraver; he is known to have made more than 600 plates, and in some instances over a hundred prints have been preserved from each plate. Like many early engravers, he also worked as a goldsmith. Although he was a minor figure as a creative artist (much of his work consisted of copies), he is important in showing the growing popularity of engraving. He was the first artist to engrave his own features (in a double portrait together with his wife) and looks a very shrewd individual.


St. Martin dividing his cloak
Museum of Fine Arts, Boston



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c. 1490
Staatliche Museen, Berlin


Judith with the Head of Holofernes




The Artist and his Wife Ida

c. 1490
Staatliche Museen, Berlin

The Lute Player and the Harpist

c. 1490

Morris Dance

c. 1475

Saint George and the Dragon
c. 1465/1470

The Saviour Blessing, Half Length

Christ before Herod
Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

Christ again before Pilate

Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

Christ stripped
Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

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