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Gherardo di Jacopo Starnina


Gherardo di Jacopo Starnina

(b Florence, ?c. 1360; d Florence, before Oct 1413).

Italian painter, Florentine school. A pupil of Antonio Veneziano, he is first mentioned in 1387 in the records of the Compagnia di S Luca in Florence. Starnina was in Toledo in 1393, possibly with his former master, and in Valencia in 1395, 1398, 1399 and 1401. Documents indicate that he executed numerous commissions for frescoes and panel paintings in both towns, but no surviving works can be connected with certainty to these records.



Madonna and Child with Musical Angels




Saint Stephen
about 1410


c. 1410
Galleria degli Uffizi, Florence


Musicerende engelen
ca. 1408


Saint Vincent
about 1410


The Beheading of Saint Margaret?
about 1409


Virgin and Child
c. 1400


Adoration of the Magi


St. Nicholas of Bari
c. 1422

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