History of Literature

Dante Alighieri

"Divine Comedy"

Inferno - Purgatorio - Paradiso

Illustrations by G. Dore

Illustrations by W. Blake

Illustrations by S. Dali


The Divine Comedy


Illustrations by Gustave Dore


Dante astray in the Dusky Wood


The Lion suddenly confronts Dante


The Darkening Sky of the First Night


The Doomed Souls embarking to cross the Acheron

Homer, the Classic Poets


The Souls of Paola and Francesca


Virgil shows Dante the Souls of the Wrathful


Phlegyas ferries Dante and Virgil across the Styx


Farinata degli Uberti addresses Dante


The Minotaur on the Shattered Cliff


Harpies in the Forest of the Suicides


The Violent, tortured in the Rain of Fire


Brunetto Latini accosts Dante



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