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Francois Gerard


Francois Gerard

(b Rome, 4 May 1770; d Paris, 11 Jan 1837). French painter and illustrator.

He spent most of his childhood in Rome. His talent as an artist revealed itself early and during this period he acquired a love of Italian painting and music, which he never lost. In 1782 his family returned to Paris, where, through the connections of his father’s employer Louis-Auguste le Tonnelier, Baron de Breteuil, Minister of the King’s Household, Gérard was admitted to the Pension du Roi, a small teaching establishment for young artists which had been founded by the Marquis de Marigny. After 18 months he entered the studio of the sculptor Augustin Pajou, where he remained for two years, before transferring to that of the painter Nicolas-Guy Brenet. He became a pupil of David in 1786 and quickly found special favour with his master.



Caroline Murat and her Children


Constance Ossolinska Lubienska


Portrait of Desiree Clary


Bataille d'Austerlitz


Napoleon Ier en costume du Sacre


Portrat der Konigin Hortense


Portrat der Marie Luise und der Konig von Rom


Portrat des Joachim Murat


Portrait de Madame Tallien


Napoleon Ier en uniforme de colonel des grenadiers a pied de la Garde


Marie-Julie Bonaparte, Infante d'Espagne,
en compagnie de ses deux filles Charlotte et Zenaide Bonaparte


Stephanie Napoleon by Francois Gerard


Portrait of Josephine


Portrait of Prince Viktor Kochubey




Antonio Canova


Daphnis et Chloe


Le Courage gaulois


Madame Barbier-Walbonne


Madame Lecerf


L'Amour et Psyche

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