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Photographers' Dictionary
(based on "20th Century Photography - Museum Ludwig Cologne")



Photographers' Dictionary

(based on "20th Century Photography-Museum Ludwig Cologne")




Frank Eugene

Frank Eugene(1865-1936) was born in New York but moved to Munich in his 20s where he studied art and soon became well-established as a portrait painter before he took up photography about 1885. He was elected to the Linked Ring in 1900 and was a founder of the Photo-Secession movement, undoubtedly because of his close personal and professional relationship to Alfred Steiglitz. A biography, The Dream of Beauty, was published in 1955. Eugene was known for his substantial manipulation of his negatives—so much so that the output was often a cross between a graphic work and a photographic print. In that he anticipated a number of contemporary artists and printmakers.




Nude study

circa 1900



Nude study




Self-portrait, 1911


Nude Male


Adam and Eve


Reclining Male Nude with Fruit, c. 1898


Stieglitz and Emmy, 1907


Rebecca, 1910




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