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Photographers' Dictionary
(based on "20th Century Photography - Museum Ludwig Cologne")



Photographers' Dictionary

(based on "20th Century Photography-Museum Ludwig Cologne")




Ruth Thorne-Thomsen

Ruth Thorne-Thomsen, (American, 1943)
in her mastery of pinhole photography, creates scenes that feel like ancient myths. Her work makes tangible imagery from humorous, intriguing or confounding textural sources. Combining the scale of vast landscapes with the intimacy of a well-kept secret, these charming, small-scale works seem to have been made centuries ago. She is the recipient of two National Endowment for the Arts fellowships and her work is in many major museum collections.


 Parable, from Songs of the Sea, 1991


Though The Cage May Be Made of Gold, It Is Still A Cage


The World Turns As A Ball


Two Faces are a Vase, from Prima Materia, Italy


"Expeditions" Chicago


Time Is Longer Than A Bord, extraite de la série Proverbs, 1997


Horse, 1975


Head with Ladders, Illinois from the series Expeditions (1976-84),











Diver, 1999-2001


Sleepers, 1999-2001

Day Sailor, 1999-2001

Elegy, 1999-2001

Compass, 1999-2001

Time Keeper, 1999-2001

Sea Breeze, 1999-2001

Steamer, 1999-2001

Small Dog, 1999-2001

Balcony, 1999-2001

Dark Vessel, 1999-2001

Four Winds, 1999-2001

Breakers, 1999-2001









Expeditions: Glider, Chicago, 8/25, 1979


Door: Flying Dot-Man, 12/25


Expeditions: Tower, 12/25


EXPEDITIONS: Rider, 20/25


DOOR: Arc-de-Triomphe, 5/25


Chair Over Point, Wisconsin


Expeditions: Blimp, Mexico


Buckingham fountain


Pyramids and palms expeditions


Le voyage obscure


Proverbs: Today Can't Catch Tomorrow, 1999


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