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Achenbach Oswald



Achenbach Oswald

(b Düsseldorf, 2 Feb 1827; d Düsseldorf, 1 Feb 1910). German painter. He studied at the Kunstakademie in Düsseldorf, as did his elder brother, the painter Andreas Achenbach (18151910), who was the main influence on him other than his teacher, Johann Wilhelm Schirmer. At a very early stage he began to prepare studies for landscapes in the area around Düsseldorf, sketching boulders, rocks, bushes, trees and people. From 1843 he went on many study tours, visiting Bavaria in 1843 and northern Italy and Switzerland in 1845. The Bavarian and Italian Alps stimulated him to create a unified approach to landscape painting. In such early works as Landscape (1846; Düsseldorf, Kstmus.) his receptiveness to atmospheric values can be seen, even if the precise detail and clear articulation into foreground, middle ground and background still clearly show his debt to Schirmer.


Die Küste von Sorrent





Am Strand von Neapel



The Bay of Naples



Summer landscape on the banks of the Alban lake



Fishermen on the Amalfi coast


Bergdorf am Fub des Rigi



Abendstimmung in der Campagna



Sunset on the Shore



Fishermen with the Bay of Naples and Vesuvius beyond



Marktplatz von Amalfi



A Mountainous Landscape






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