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Jacques-Laurent Agasse



Jacques-Laurent Agasse

(b Geneva, 24 March 1767; d London, 27 Dec 1849). English painter of Swiss birth. Born into a wealthy and politically influential Huguenot family, Agasse spent his early childhood at the country estate of Crévin, where he may have developed the interest in animals and natural history that was to guide his later career as an artist in England. Agasse trained first at the Ecole du Colibri in Geneva and subsequently in Paris under Jacques-Louis David (beginning in 1787) and possibly under Horace Vernet. His early artistic output consisted chiefly of unpretentious silhouette ‘cut-outs’ in the style of Jean-Daniel Huber. At this time he also undertook a serious study of dissection and veterinary science.


The Nubian Giraffe



The Playground



Departure to the Hunt



The Flower Seller




The Last Stage on the Portsmouth Road




Landing at Westminster Bridge



Lord Rivers' Groom Leading a Chestnut Hunter towards a Coursing Party in Hampshire



White Horse in Pasture



Grey Arab Stallion in a Wooded Landscape



Two Leopards Lying in the Exeter



Edward Cross



Lord Rivers



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