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Ai Mitsu


Ai Mitsu [Nichiro Aikawa; Nichiro Ishimura]

(b Hiroshima Prefecture, 24 June 1907; d Shanghai, 19 Jan 1946).

Japanese painter. On leaving school he became an apprentice in a print-shop in Hiroshima, where he learnt design and plate-making. In 1923 he entered Tensai Gajuku, a private school of painting in Osaka, intending to become a painter, and in the following year he went to Tokyo to study at the Taiheiyo Painting Study Centre. Like many other young painters of the time he was influenced by modern European painting, including the work of van Gogh. After submitting work to the 13th exhibition of the Nikakai (Second Division Society) in 1926 he began a career in which he showed works in various group exhibitions.





Woman Knitting



Landscape with an Eye
The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo



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