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Miguel de Alcanyis



Alcanyis Miguel

(b ?Mallorca; fl 1408–47). Spanish painter. First documented in Valencia in 1408, he was active as a painter in Barcelona in 1415, in Mallorca in 1420 (described as ‘painter of Majorca’), in Valencia between 1421 and 1432 and in Mallorca from 1433; he is last recorded in Mallorca in 1447. Of his documented commissions, only two fragmentary works can be identified: the wings of an altarpiece of St Michael (Lyon, Mus. B.-A.), painted in 1421 for the town of Jérica (Valencia), and two predella panels of the Death of the Virgin and St Thomas Receiving the Virgin’s Girdle from an altarpiece of the Virgin executed in 1442 in Mallorca (Alcudia, Mus. Parroq.). Other works have been attributed to Alcanyis on the basis of stylistic comparisons with these panels, and he has been identified as the Gil Master, an artist named after the fragmentary altarpiece—consisting of an Ascension and St Vincent (both New York, Hisp. Soc. America) and a St Giles (New York, Met.)—commissioned by Vicente Gil for a chapel in S Juan del Hospital, Valencia. A few scholars have also attempted to identify Alcanyis with the MASTER OF THE BAMBINO VISPO


Saint Giles with Christ Triumphant over Satan and the Mission
of the Apostles, part of an altarpiece, 1420s






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