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Fedor Yakovlevich Alekseev



Alekseyev Fyodor (Yakovlevich)

(b St Petersburg, 1753/4; d St Petersburg, 23 Nov 1824). Russian painter. The son of a retired soldier, he studied from 1766 at the Academy of Arts, St Petersburg, from 1767 in the class of bird, animal, fruit and flower painting. In 1772 the rector of the Academy, the history painter Anton Losenko, drew attention to Alekseyev’s skill in rendering perspective, and Alekseyev joined the landscape class, studying under Gavriil Kozlov (?1738–91) and Antonio Peresinotti (1708–78). He graduated in 1773, and he was sent to Venice for three years to study scenery painting. There he worked under the direction of Giuseppe Moretti and Pietro Gaspari (c. 1720–85). He was not disposed to working in the traditions of the late Baroque, and he soon gave up the idea of becoming a scenery painter, deciding instead to paint landscapes and to move to Rome, where there were skilled classicist painters. He did not, however, receive the Academy’s permission, and in 1777 he was recalled to St Petersburg. During his years of study abroad he completed a copy (1776; St Petersburg, Rus. Mus.) of Canaletto’s the Staircase of the Accademia, Venice and two original works: Venice: View of the Schiavoni Embankment (1775; Minsk, Belorus A. Mus.) and Seascape (1777; untraced), both of which show the traits of a student artist.


Blick von Lubjanka zum Wladimir



View onto St Michael's Castle in St. Petersburg from the Fontanka Side.



Red Square in Moscow



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