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Jason Shawn Alexander or J. Alexander (born c. 1975) is a painter, illustrator and draftsman from Portland, Tennessee.

Alexander has produced illustrations for Dark Horse Comics, Warner Brothers, DC Comics, Hasbro, White Wolf, Inc, and Dalmatian Press.

A self-starter, his creator-owned Empty Zone was published for years by Sirius Entertainment. He also contributed to Poison Elves: Lusiphur and Linlith, also for Sirius Entertainment.

Brad Martin, a contributing writer with Juxtapoz magazine, describes his fine art pieces thus: "His gritty, drippy, and dark style lends an ominous air, like a fresh grave, and the subjectís poses humanize the whole thing."

Jason's work can be seen at Corey Helford Gallery in Los Angeles and 101/exhibit in Miami and New York.


Diving bell













Portrait of artistís father






Bath tub



Itís ok



A matter of attrition






Mourners Walk Over Maple Leaves



Red scarf


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