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Andreu Alfaro


Alfaro Andreu

(b Valencia, 5 Aug 1927). Spanish sculptor. In 1932 he entered the Institución Libre de Enseñanza, Valencia, directed by José de Navarro (b 1931) who had a great influence on his early education. He later studied at the Instituto Escuela in Valencia and in 1942 joined the Bachillerato Studios at the Colegio de S Tomás de Villanueva. The exhibition in Valencia in 1953 of work by the sculptor Rafael Alvarez Ortega greatly impressed Alfaro, encouraging his enthusiasm for experimental work. In 1955 he established contact with the artists José Solar Vidal Monjalés, Vicent Ventura, Pepe Iborra and Joan Fuster. In 1958 he visited Paris and Brussels, where he saw the major exhibition Les Années cinquante de l’art moderne. In the later 1950s he was associated with Aguliera Cerni, Eusebio Sempere and José Maria de Labra (b 1925), who were among the members of the Parpalló group of Valencian artists formed in Valencia in 1957 and led by Alfaro. The group was inspired by the new American abstract group of artists such as Elsworth Kelly, exhibited in the Hispano-American biennale in Barcelona in 1955. After several group exhibitions in Valencia and Barcelona the Parpalló group went their separate ways. At this time also Alfaro encountered the sculpture of JORGE OTEIZA, which became a key factor in his development.


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