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Jose Ferraz de Almeida Junior



Almeida Junior Jose Ferraz de

(b Itu, 1850; d Piracicaba, 1899). Brazilian painter. Deeply attached to the interior of the state of São Paulo, where he was born, Almeida Júnior returned there as soon as he had finished his studies with, among others, Victor Meirelles de Lima at the Academia Imperial das Belas Artes in Rio de Janeiro. Under the patronage of the Emperor Peter II (reg 1831–89) he travelled to Europe in 1876 to complete his studies with Alexandre Cabanel in Paris. There from 1879 to 1882 he took part in the annual Salon of French Artists. The influence of Courbet’s realism on works produced during his stay in France, such as Brazilian Woodchopper (1879; Rio de Janeiro, Mus. N. B.A.), remained in evidence on his return to Brazil in 1882, especially in his more picturesque paintings.


The model's rest



O Importuno









Caipira picando fumo



O violeiro



Moca com livro



Familia reunida em casa do interior



Moca lendo em Itu









Cozinha Caipira



Paisagem do Sítio Rio das Pedras, 1899



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