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Alonso de Sedano



Alonso de Sedano

( fl 1486–1530). Spanish painter. He has been identified as the author of works in Burgos and Palma de Mallorca showing the influence of Netherlandish and Italian Renaissance painting. He worked in Mallorca, first in the workshop of Joan Desi ( fl 1481–1515) and then in that of Pere Terrenchs ( fl 1488–96), the most important on the island during the reign of the Catholic kings. His name appears as a member of the painters’ guild of St Luke at its foundation in April 1486. In February of that year Alonso received the commission for an altarpiece of St Sebastian for the chapel of the Sureda family in Palma de Mallorca Cathedral. This may correspond to the Martyrdom of St Sebastian (oil on panel; 2.44*1.77 m; Palma de Mallorca, Mus. Catedrálicio), his earliest known work. It shows the influence of Antonello da Messina, although the forms are more angular than in Antonello’s work. A Crucifixion (oil on panel; 1.60*0.93 m; Palma de Mallorca, Mus. Dioc.) can also be attributed to him. In October 1488 Alonso was commissioned with Pere Terrenchs to paint panels of St Sebastian and St Praxedes for the altarpiece of the Guardian Angels’ Chapel in Palma de Mallorca Cathedral, but there is some evidence to suggest that these may not have been completed. Alonso’s influence on Mallorcan painting is seen in such works as the Holy Cross in the convent of S Jerónimo, Palma de Mallorca, which is closely related to works in Logroño, for example a Crucifixion (Logroño, Mus. Rioja). Alonso de Sedano is documented in Burgos from 1490, and possibly from 1489. The panels from an altarpiece depicting scenes of the Infancy of Christ, with the Passion of Christ on the reverses (Burgos, Mus. Dioc.–Catedrálicio), have been identified as his work.


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