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Jiri Anderle


Anderle Jiri

(b Pavlíkov, nr Rakovník, 14 Sept 1936). Czech draughtsman, painter and printmaker. From 1955 to 1961 he studied painting and graphic art at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague. From 1961 to 1968 he worked at the Black Theatre of Jirí Srnec, a centre of the Prague avant-garde. He was assistant to Professors Jirí Trnka and Zdenek Sklenár at the Faculty of Applied Art in Prague from 1969 to 1973, and in 1982–4 his work was shown at the central exhibition of the Biennale in Venice. His primary means of expression is drawing. His work forms closed complexes that capture moments of human existence, either in connection with ancient myths and legends or as aspects of contemporary life, for example the cycles of paintings, drawings and graphics Village Dancing Girl (1960–62), Illusion and Reality (1980–83; 1981, Ljubljana, Grand Prix BIB; 1982, Venice Biennale) and Apocalyptic Genetics (1982–3) and the cycle of paintings Space and Time (1983). The phenomenon of time is an important expressive element in his work, whether as a metaphor or in the form of a phased record of change, for instance aging. His whole work is based on the contrast of the real and the fantastic, logic and absurdity, beauty and ugliness, good and evil. These contrasts are already evident in his early complex drawings of figural scenes from dreams that are connected with the later apocalyptic visions. In his cycle of paintings, drawings and graphics Commedia dell’arte (1985), scenes of atrocities are merged with fantastic drawings of human figures and heads. In the cycle of paintings, drawings and graphics Appassionata humana (1989) he re-evaluated Surrealist imagery and formlessness.














David II


Madame Riviere entre nous

Monsieur Rivière entre nous


Portrait of Jiri Kolar

My Mother


Federico da Montefeltro

Madame Favart

Elise Höfer

Salome (after Picasso)




Married Couple


Gabrielle d´Estrées and One of Her Sisters

La Source (after Ingres)

Lute Player
(after Caravaggio)

(after Caravaggio)

Boy with a Lizard
(after Caravaggio)

Boy with a Fruit Punet
(after Caravaggio)

Ecce homo
(fter Durer)

Riders of Apocalypse
(after Durer)


Homo hominus lupus

Surrealistic Composition

Jiri Anderle
Bella matribus detestata

Princess Elisabeth



Youth - Word abou a Word - I

Old Age - Word abou a Word - II


Bohumil Hrabal

Kiss of Judas


6 x Girl and Butterfly

9 x Girl and Mother

Parrot for Luck



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