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Ion Andreescu



Andreescu Ioan

(b ?Bucharest, 27 Feb 1850; d Bucharest, 13 Nov 1882). Romanian painter. He studied from 1869 to 1872 at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bucharest, where he attended Theodor Amanís drawing classes and learnt calligraphy. After graduating he was appointed teacher of drawing and calligraphy at the Episcopal Seminary in Buzau. From 1873 he was also a teacher at the local grammar school. He made his début in December 1874 with the painting Gooseberries (1874; Bucharest, N. Mus. A.), which was shown at the Exhibition of Living Artists, held in the Academy Halls, Bucharest University. Other paintings of this period, such as Pot with Wild Flowers (c. 1873; Aurel Stroe priv. col., see Bogdan, p. 61) and Poplars at the Outskirts of a Village (c. 1876; Bucharest, Mus. A.), were overlooked by art critics but were noticed by Nicolae Grigorescu and by some important collectors.





Broboada rosie



Cap de tanar






Fetita cu gaina






Nud culcat



Nud in padure



Padure de fagi vara



Padurea desfrunzita



Peasant Woman with Green Kerchief



Pansele in ulcica



Portret de femeie in costum de epoca



Taranca cu broboada galbena



Andreescu la Barbizon



Beech Forest



Camp inflorit



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