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Michel Anguier



Michel Anguier

(b Eu, 1612 or 1614; d Paris, 11 July 1686). Brother of (1) François Anguier. For a time he worked with an unknown sculptor in Eu until, aged 15, he settled in Paris, joining the studio of Simon Guillain. Around 1641 he went to Rome, where he lived in a colony of artists for ten years and seems to have been on good terms with François Duquesnoy and Nicolas Poussin. In 1648 he was one of 39 sculptors brought together by Gianlorenzo Bernini to carve the papal medallions and reliefs of putti on the pilasters along the nave of St Peterís. In 1648Ė9 he was a member of the team from Alessandro Algardiís workshop that modelled the large stucco reliefs for the nave of S Giovanni in Laterano; his three panels (and his terracotta models) reveal a mixture of Baroque and late Mannerist treatment that is very different from Algardiís own sculpture during this period. For the Holy Year of 1650 he made (after Algardiís designs) a float (untraced; drawing, Zurich, Graph. Samml. Eidgenöss. Tech. Hochsch.), in wood or papier-mâché, of the Lamentation over the Dead Christ for the Arciconfraternità del Gonfalone. Above all, however, he dedicated himself to the study of ancient statues and reliefs and to a careful reading of the ancient authors.








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