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Mikhail Anikushin



Anikushin Mikhail Konstantinovich

(b Moscow, 2 Oct 1917). Russian sculptor. He studied (1935–41) at the Institute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture in Leningrad (now St Petersburg), working under Aleksandr Matveyev, from whom he gained an unbiased attitude to nature and a well thought-out pictorial system to interpret it. He fought at the front during World War II and graduated from the Institute only in 1947, with his diploma work The Soldier–Victor (St Petersburg, Acad. A., Mus.), at the heart of which lay his impressions of the front. In 1949 he won the competition for a monument to Pushkin in Leningrad. Work on the realization of the monument overflowed into a series of portrait sculptures of Pushkin, both monumental and small-scale, in which the poet is represented at different ages and in a variety of emotional states, but always agitated and inspired (statue, 1952, Moscow U.; portrait bust, 1955, St Petersburg, Rus. Mus.). These culminated in the monument, executed in a severe classical style, which was erected in 1957 in Arts Square in Leningrad (in situ), and which was well suited to the surrounding early 19th-century architecture.


The monument to Pushkin on Square of Art in Saint Petersburg




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