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Aleksey Petrovich Antropov


Antropov Aleksey Petrovich

(b 14 March 1716; d St Petersburg, 12 June 1795). Russian painter. He trained at the Construction Office in St Petersburg, where his teachers included Ivan Vishnyakov, in whose team of painters Antropov later worked. He participated in the decorative painting of the Winter Palace and other imperial residences in St Petersburg and its environs. In 1752 he embarked on painting Andreyevsky Cathedral in Kiev and produced icons for its iconostasis. He returned to St Petersburg in 1758 and then trained for two years with Pietro Antonio Rotari. Soon afterwards he was appointed principal supervisor of the artists and icon painters of the Synod.


Uknknown Lady



Portrait of Elizabeth of Russia



Portrait of Great Duchess Ekateriana Alexeyevna (future Catherine II)



Portrait of Catherine II
before 1766



Portrait of Catherine II



Portrait of Grand Duke Peter Fedotovich (later Peter III)



Peter III



Portrait of Empress Elizaveta Petrovna



Portrait of Peter the Great



Portrait of Princess T. A. Trubetzkaya



Portrait of Catherine II the Great



Portrait of archbishop Gavriil Petrov



Portrait of Anna Vasiliyevna Buturlina



Portrait of M.A. Rumyantseva



Portrait of Father Fyodor Dubyansky




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