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George Owen Wynne Apperley 



George Owen Wynne Apperley (1884-1960)

He was born in Ventnor in an aristocratic family, during the apogee of Victorian England. Very fond of reading, his favorite volume was a mythology book illustrated with engravings of Flaxman. His family sent him to two boarding schools, with the intention to separate him from his artistic inclinations for these could lead him to a Bohemian and unstable profession. In spite of the opposition of his family, he enters the Herkomer Academy in 1903, a reputed learning center near London.

1904 is the year of his longed-for first trip to Italy, where he reinforces his passion for the classic world, which intones perfectly with the Pre-Raphaelite taste. To his return he begins exposing his works, acquiring a fast recognition which makes him to be titled, in 1913, member of the Royal Institute of Watercolorists of London.

1914 marks a course change in the life of the painter, on the one hand, Apperley starts to be more and more interested in portrait painting, in detriment of his activity as landscapist, on the other hand, he travels to Spain, and in spite of a somewhat confused first impression, will be later, in 1916, the country in which he will reside. In Granada he will develop his maturity years as painter, fascinated by the Andalusian woman and the sensuality of the land. In 1918 it was organized his first individual exhibition, in the Palace Hotel of Madrid, where his work was praised by the kings Alfonso XIII and Victoria Eugenia. This success provided him a relieved economic situation, that made of its study in Granada a place of appointment of painters and aristocrats from all Europe.

During the first years of the Second Spanish Republic, the traditionalistic position of Apperley leads him to diverse confrontations, which culminate with the positioning of a bomb on his home. This fact causes him to move, in 1933, to Tangier, where he definitively fixes his residence, remaining there until his death, due to a cerebral hemorrhage.

Bacante dormida



Ninfas del lago



Uvas negras



Ritmo andaluz



Enriqueta con toca de madronos



La espera



La maja












El descendimiento






La cenicienta



El Aljibe



Ninfa sorprendida por un fauno






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