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Alonso del Arco



Arco Alonso del

(b ?Madrid, ?1635; d Madrid, 9 Aug 1704). Spanish painter. Born deaf and dumb, he was a pupil of Antonio de Pereda and was known as ‘el sordillo de Pereda’. He was a prolific artist, although his many signed works are of unequal quality, largely because in his mature years his wife frequently obtained commissions at a low price. These compositions were copied from prints in his studio and were then only retouched or signed by Arco. Other works of higher quality and excellent technique show Pereda’s influence, particularly in the treatment of still-life objects. The human figures that he portrayed, however, usually represent a characteristic type, with a triangular-shaped face and large, bulging eyes. He was a typical representative of the Madrid school and was also a good colourist.


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