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Enrique Arnal


Arnal Enrique

(b Catavi, Potosí, 1932). Bolivian painter. He was self-taught as a painter and had his first one-man show in Cuzco in 1954, which was followed by 25 one-man shows in La Paz and by exhibitions in North American cities and in Paris. Arnal was the principal exponent of the Generación del 52. In the 1950s he painted still-lifes with subjects drawn from open-air markets that included potatoes, roosters and dogs, as in The Inn (1960; La Paz, Mus. N. A.). In the early 1960s he painted towns of earth and stone, and at the end of the 1960s he paintedAparapitas, the stevedores of La Paz, as well as condors and recumbent female nudes, which in the 1980s became Mountains, especially during the period 1985 to 1988. He then portrayed the galleries of Mines with a progressive stylization and abstraction, and repeated all the themes he had treated throughout his career in a number of series under the overall title the World of My Memory (1989; La Paz, Banco Hipotecario N.). His paintings, with their nervous brushstrokes, are in sober colours: greys, earthen shades and especially black. Arnal won seven national prizes for painting, including that of the Salón Municipal de Pintura in 1955, the Salón Nacional de Artes prize in 1960 and the first INBO (Inversiones Bolivianas) Biennale prize in 1975. He worked as a painting instructor in the Faculty of Plastic Arts in the Universidad Católica Boliviana in La Paz.


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