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Isidoro Arredondo



Arredondo Isidoro

(b Colmenar de Oreja, Madrid, c. 1657; d Madrid, 1702).

Spanish painter. He trained in Madrid with José García Hidalgo and later in the studio of Francisco Rizi. He was Riziís most frequent collaborator in the last years of his masterís life, and he married a godchild of Rizi. Rizi obtained for Arredondo the title of Pintor del Rey, without salary, and on his death in 1685 Arredondo succeeded him in that capacity. In his will Rizi named him heir and left him sheets of drawings and his books relating to painting, sculpture and architecture. A large part of Arredondoís activity under Riziís direction was painting scenery for the plays staged at El Buen Retiro, the palace on the outskirts of Madrid; he also contributed to temporary street decorations, notably those erected in Madrid in 1690 for the entry of Queen Mariana von Neuburg, the second wife of Charles II. On the death of Charles II (1700), Arredondo, Luca Giordano and Francisco Ignacio Ruíz de la Iglesia were appointed valuers of the Kingís possessions.


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