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Tiberio d'Assisi



Assisi Tiberio (Ranieri di Diotallevi) d’

(b Assisi, ?1460–70; d Assisi, before Oct 1524).

Italian painter. He possibly received his early training from L’Ingegno [Andrea Alovigi d’Assisi] (c. 1470–1516). It is very probable that Tiberio subsequently joined the shop of Pinturicchio and accompanied him to Rome to work in S Maria del Popolo (1485–9) and on the Borgia apartments in the Vatican Palace (1492–c. 1495). In 1492–3 Tiberio was paid by the Comune of Assisi for various works, and in 1495 he was employed in Perugia Cathedral.


Madonna col Bambino


Madonna col Bambino e i santi Pietro e Bonaventura



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