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Hyacinthe Louis Victor Aubry-Lecomte



Aubry-Lecomte Hyacinthe(-Louis-Victor-Jean-Baptiste)     Pages: 1-2

(b Nice, 31 Oct 1787; d Paris, 2 May 1858).

French draughtsman and lithographer. The artistís family name was Aubry, but after his marriage he added his wifeís maiden name to his own. Aubry-Lecomte was originally employed at the Ministry of Finance in Paris, but his interest in drawing led him to enrol at Girodetís atelier at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts. Aubry-Lecomte proved to be a proficient draughtsman and rapidly mastered the new technique of lithography, encouraged by Girodet, becoming one of its leading practitioners. He was also one of Girodetís most valued pupils, making lithographic reproductions of the masterís paintings to be copied in the atelier. Among the most important of these are the suite of 16 prints (1822) showing the heads of the main figures from Ossian and the French Generals (1802; Malmaison, Château N.), a print (1824) of Danaë (1797) and another of an Amazon painted for the Duchesse de Berry (both untraced). With other pupils of Girodet he contributed lithographs based on the masterís illustrations for two publications, Les Amours des dieux (1826) and the Enéide (1827). Aubry-Lecomte also made prints after Pierre-Paul Prudíhon, François Gérard, Horace Vernet, Louis Hersent and others. His original works consist mainly of landscape and genre subjects and portraits of his family and friends (e.g. Mlle Aubry-Lecomte, lithograph, 1834; Paris, Bib. N.). He exhibited regularly from 1819, won several medals and was popularly known as the Ďprince of lithographersí. He did much to raise the status of printmaking and in 1849 was decorated with the Légion díhonneur.


"Collection de Tetes d'Etude, d'apres le tableau peint en 1801,

par Mr Girodet-Trioson, Membre de l'Institut and representant les

ombres des Heros Francais recues dans les Palais aeriens d'Ossian".




































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