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Jacopo Avanzi



Avanzi Jacopo [Jacopo d’Avanzi]

( fl 1363–84). Italian painter. At least two painters of this name were recorded in Bologna: a Jacopo di Pietro Avanzi, who was dead by 1378, and one who was paid for a small commission on 13 April 1384. This has led to much confusion. The earliest reference is to a Iacobus Avancini depintor, resident in 1363 in the parish of S Cecilia in the Porta Piera quarter of Bologna. On 28 February 1375 a Jacopo Avanzi witnessed a notarial act and on 23 June 1377 a Jacopo Avanzi was one of several craftsmen paid for a bishop’s pallium.


Attributed To Jacopo Avanzi
The Dormition of the Virgin



Liberation of the Companions of St James



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