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Allston Washington



Allston Washington (1779-1843).

U.S. painter and writer. In Europe (1801-10, 1811-18), he studied under B. West in London and visited Pans and Kome, becoming a close friend of S. T. Coleridge, W. Irving and B. Thorwaldsen. As the 1st U.S. artist to paint romantic landscapes he was a precursor of the *Hudson River school; he also painted portraits, e.g. that of Coleridge, and large dramatic biblical and classical subjects. His Lectures on Art were publ. in 1850.


Uriel Standing in the Sun



Moonlit Landscape, 1809



Florimell's Flight, 1819


Mrs. William Channing


The Flight of Florimell


Coast Scene on the Mediterranean, 1811


Dr. John King


Hermia and Helena


Portrait of Samuel Taylor Coleridge


Elijah in the Desert


Landscape With A Lake


The Spanish Girl in Reverie


Storm Rising at Sea, 1804


The Prophet Elijah


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