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Ardizzone Edward



Ardizzone Edward Jeffrey Irving (1900—79).

British artist in etching, lithography, pen drawing and watercolour. He was an official war artist (1940-5). He ill. more than 130 books, including children's books, e.g. Tim All Alone (1956), and an edition of Villon's poems and publ. Diary of A War Artist (1974).


The Last Stand of the Spoons  1959



Model and Her Reflection


Lovers by the Sea


View from the Window of My Studio in Kent


News from Suez, London pub


The saloon bar at the Shirland


Scout Cars of a Regiment of Hussars Liberating a Stalag 1945


Soldiers Holding Up Rosaries to be Blessed at a Papal Audience 1944


On a Fortified Island, the Night Watch 1941


Priest Begging a Lift in Louvain, May 1940 1940


Airing the Children, 1930-1


from The Rake's Progress, At the Brasserie 1931


from The Rake's Progress, The Meeting 1931


from The Rake's Progress, The Arrival 1931


from The Rake's Progress, The Bedroom 1931


from The Rake's Progress, The Departure 1931


The Bullies


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