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Arman Armand Pierre

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Arman Armand Pierre (1928 - 2005).

Franco-American *assemblage artist, a member of the *Nouveau realisme group, influenced by *Klem. He worked on series like poubelles (trash cans, displaying their contents) and accumulations (e.g. a cube 1m. cubed in volume full of toothbrushes), which are ironic statements about the detritus of the consumer society. *decollage, *Rotella, *Villegle, *Hains and *Vostell.








Fenice #3






Accord majeur


Colere brulee


"Avalanche" (1990) at Tel-Aviv University campus


Le Plein (Full Up). 1960


Le Plein (Full Up). 1960


Accumulation. 1973


Les montres


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