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Artschwager Richard



Artschwager Richard (1923- ).

U.S. painter and sculptor. While at Cornell University, Ithaca, N.Y., where he read chemistry and biology, he took painting and drawing classes. He then studied with *Ozenfant 1949-50 before temporarily turning away from painting. In N.Y. he ran a woodwork studio where he started making furniture. In the 1960s he became involved with art full time and continued to explore the theme of furniture through 3-dimensional constructions of painted or polychrome wood. A. also paints large, usually monochrome depictions of interiors, buildings and objects on celofex.




Splatter Chair I. 1992



Untitled (SH-3)



Box with Drawers





Fuente de melocotones sobre mesa de vidrio






Dos comidas-a


Janus II


Mesas descoyuntadas


Table and Chair


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