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Audubon John James



Audubon John James (1785-1851).

U.S. naturalist and artist who painted from life 435 watercolours of birds, often in action, which were reproduced in coloured aquatint by Robert Havell Jr. and publ. in London as The Birds of America (4 vols, 182738); only these prints survive. The text, written with the help of William MacGillivray, was publ. separately as Ornithological Biography (5 vols, 1831-9). A.'s paintings have considerable artistic merit although their scientific accuracy varies.


Golden Eagle



White Gerfalcons




American Beaver


American Red Fox


Cygnus buccinator


Roseate Spoonbill from
The Birds of America


Little Blue Heron from
Birds of America


Rock Grous from
Birds of America


King Rail
(Rallus Elegans)
Birds of America


Ivory-billed Woodpecker
(Campephilus principalis)
Birds of America


Bald Eagle from Birds of America


Oyster Catcher (Haematopus Palliatus)
from Birds of America


Red-headed duck
(Fuligula Ferina)
Birds of America


"California Partridge, also called "Valley Quail"
(Perdix californica)
Birds of America.


American Egret (Casmerodius Albus)
Birds of America.


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