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Giuseppe Baldrighi    

(b Stradella, Pavia, 1723; d Parma, 1803). Italian painter, also active in France. He studied painting in Florence under the Baroque fresco painter Vincenzo Meucci (1694–1766). He then went to Parma, where he won the esteem of Duke Philip, the Bourbon ruler of Parma, and the protection of Philip’s minister, Guillaume Du Tillot, who made Baldrighi court artist and sent him to Paris for further training, hoping thereby to bring refined French taste to the court of Parma. The painter was able to study and work with artists such as François Boucher, Maurice-Quentin de La Tour, Jean-Marc Nattier, Jean-Etienne Liotard and Jean-Baptiste Perroneau. Letters between Du Tillot and the banker Claude Bonnet, who represented the interests of the Parma court in Paris, have proved a rich source of information for Baldrighi’s stay in Paris, and indeed one of the artist’s first works was a portrait of Mme Bonnet (1752), followed a year later by the portrait of Count G. A. Sanvitale in Arcadian Dress (Fontanellato, Mus. Rocca Sanvitale). These works were much admired by the French, and Bonnet asked Baldrighi to suggest an architect to send to Parma. The choice fell on Ennemond-Alexandre Petitot.



Lot #57: Ritratto di giovane musicista con liuto



Portrait of a young lady beside a table with a dog



Autoritratto con la moglie



Portrait of Maria Luisa of Parma



Testa di iena



Portrait of the Duke's Family



Portrait of Felipe of Parma and his family



Giuseppe Baldrighi L'artiste et deux amis



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