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Paolo Antonio Barbieri     

(b Cento, 16 May 1603; d Cento, 27 June 1649). Italian painter. He was the younger brother of Giovanni Francesco Barbieri, called GUERCINO, and both collaborated with him and worked independently as a still-life painter. Guercino’s Libro dei conti, for which, from 1629, Barbieri was responsible, recorded 42 pictures by him, including the Spice Shop (Spoleto, Pin. Com.), which in 1637 was bought for 58 scudi by the Governatore of Cento, Alfonso Pallettoni from Spoleto. The austere composition of this work, in which tall spice jars are arranged in a row parallel to the picture plane, has similarities with the art of Jacopo da Empoli, while the characterization of the youthful and romantic seller of spices reflects aspects of Guercino’s style, though the execution is drier. In 1642 Paolo Antonio moved to Bologna with Guercino, and seven more works are recorded in the account book in Bologna. The two brothers collaborated on Flora (1642) and on the Woman and Child with Fruit (both Rome, Pal. Rospigliosi-Pallavicini); the latter, in which the figures are by Guercino, was bought by Cardinal Mazarin in 1646. They also worked together on Ceres (Rome, Pal. Doria-Pamphili), in which Paolo Antonio painted the floral decoration.






La Vergine assunta



The Spice Shop



Cristo e la Samaritana al pozzo



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