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Ernst Barlach



Barlach Ernst (Hemnch)


 N. German sculptor, wood-carver, draughtsman and writer associated with Expressionism. He was at the Dresden Academy
(18915), and Paris (18056); in 1906 he visited Russia, in 1909 Florence. Russia shaped him: it was, for him, a land where symbol met reality. The Russian beggar symbolized and presented the truth about man; B.'s statements on human suffering, humiliation, callousness, are in terms of peasant life. The medieval associations of his work gained him a commission for sculptures at St Catherine's church, Lubeck, but the Nazi government, which destroyed many of B.'s public statues, stopped the work. Between 1898 and 1902, he ill. Die Jugend magazine. B.'s writings include the plays Der tote Tag; (1912), Die Sundflut (1924) and his autobiography (1928).


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