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(b Perugia, 1615; d Rome, 7 Nov 1700).

Italian engraver, draughtsman and painter. He lived in Rome from 1635, initially as the pupil of Poussin, later serving Christina, Queen of Sweden, as an antiquarian. He was an indefatigable engraver of Roman monuments, and his work was published in, for example, Admiranda Romanorum Antiquitatum (Rome, 1693). He also engraved from Raphael, Polidoro da Caravaggio, the Carracci and Lanfranco, and on subjects of his own invention. As a draughtsman, Bartoli reproduced the Codice Virgiliano (Rome, Vatican, Bib. Apostolica, Cod. Vat. 3867) in 55 plates (1677; Rome, Calcografia N.), commissioned by Cardinal Camillo Massimi, for whom he also executed drawings of ancient Roman paintings and mosaics (Glasgow, U. Lib.). He lived for a long time in Paris, where he was introduced at the court of Louis XIV.



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