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 Pierre Francois Basan



Pierre Francois Basan   

(b Paris, 23 Oct 1723; d ?Paris, 12 Jan 1797). French engraver, print-seller and dealer. His father was Claude-Pierre Basan, a wine merchant in Paris. Pierre-François received his first lessons in drawing and engraving from his cousin Etienne Fessard (171477); he then studied under Jean Daullé. From 1747 he worked for the print-seller Michel Odieuvre (16871756), for whom he engraved 58 portraits. Between 1750 and 1754 he contributed to the engraving of the paintings in the Saxon royal collection in Dresden (Galerie royale de Dresde, 17537) and in the collection of Heinrich, Graf von Brühl (Galerie ... [du] Comte de Brühl, 1754). He also engraved 14 illustrations for the Histoire naturelle of Georges-Louis Leclerc, Comte de Buffon (174967; Paris, Bib. N. cat. nos 27285).



Adam and Eve



Mercury Teaching Cupid , 1750s



Venus Giving Cupid to Drink Nectar



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