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 Juan Battle Planas



Juan Battle Planas      

(b Torroella de Montgri, Catalonia, 3 March 1911; d Buenos Aires, 8 Oct 1966).

Argentine painter, printmaker, illustrator, sculptor and stage designer of Spanish Catalan birth. He arrived in Buenos Aires in 1913. Although his uncle, José Planas Casas (b Catalonia, 1900; d Argentina, 1960), taught him the rudiments of art, he was basically self-taught and began to exhibit his work in 1934. Synthesizing ideas from Zen philosophy, psychoanalysis and the theories on cosmic energy espoused by the Austrian psychologist Wilhelm Reich with his interests in automatism, poetry and painting, he found a creative sense of direction from an early age. He applied his methods not only to paintings but to stage designs, illustrations, collages, prints, polychrome sculptures and boxlike constructions; as a painter he worked both in tempera and in oil, and he also produced 72 murals.








Homenaje a Baigorria



Mural "Alegoria"
Hall de entrada del Teatro San Martín de Buenos Aires



Hall de entrada del Teatro San Martin de Buenos Aires.



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