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 Claudio Francesco Beaumont



Beaumont Claudio Francesco  

b Turin, 4 July 1694; d Turin, 21 June 1766

Italian painter of French descent. After a visit to Bologna in 1716, he was sent by Victor-Amadeus II of Savoy, King of Sicily, to study in Rome (1716–19), where he trained with Francesco Trevisani. Between 1719 and 1723 Beaumont was given various important commissions in Turin, including that for the ceiling painting of Aurora’s Chariot (1720) on the second floor of the Palazzo Reale. Around this time he was elected prior of the Confraternità di S Luca, and between 1723 and 1731 he was again in Rome. Victor-Amadeus II recommended him to Nicolas Vleughels, the director of the Académie de France in Rome, and Beaumont was much influenced by the Roman–French style of Trevisani, Carle Vanloo and Charles-Joseph Natoire.


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