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 Andre Beauneveu



Andre Beauneveu    

(b Valenciennes, c. 1335; d ?Bourges, 1401–3).

South Netherlandish sculptor, painter and illuminator. He possibly trained with, or in the circle of, Jean Pépin de Huy. He is presumably the ‘Master Andrieu the painter’ mentioned in the accounts of Yolande, Duchesse de Bar, as working intermittently between 1359 and 1362 in the chapel of her castle at Nieppe (destr.). In 1361–2 ‘Master Andrieu the carver’ restored the console of a statue (both destr.) in the aldermen’s hall in Valenciennes. By October 1364 and until June 1366 he is recorded in Paris, working with assistants for King Charles V, who spoke of him as ‘our esteemed Andrieu Biauneveu, our sculptor’. The monarch commissioned from him four tombs for Saint-Denis Abbey, for which he paid 4700 gold francs: tombs for his paternal grandparents Philip VI (reg 1328–50) and Joan of Burgundy (1294–1348); for his father, John II; and for himself (first mentioned on 12 December 1364). Of the actual cenotaphs nothing survives except for fragments of that of Charles V (Paris, Mus. A. Déc., AD 12.260), which, for reasons not made clear in the documents, was designed only in 1376, probably by Jean de Liège (i). Of the three extant recumbent figures—that of Joan of Burgundy was destroyed in 1793 but is recorded in a drawing of Roger de Gaignières (Paris, Bib. N., Cab. Est., Pe 11 c, fol. 91)—only that of Charles V is generally considered to be entirely by Beauneveu. The King, 27 at the time, is movingly portrayed ad vivum (the first French royal recumbent figure so depicted), and his coronation garb is fluidly rendered with a soft play of drapery. The other figures, though more schematic, have individualized features that break away from stereotypes of earlier royal monuments—Philip VI’s corpulence is convincingly rendered—and are attributed, perhaps unjustly, to assistants.


King David
 from the Psalter of Jean de Berry



St Philip
c. 1386
Miniature Bibliothèque Nationale, Paris


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