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Beccaruzzi Francesco  


(b Conegliano, c. 1492; d 1562).
Italian painter. His earliest work is likely to have been influenced by Cima, whom he probably knew in Conegliano, but no painting from this period can be attributed to him with certainty. By 1519 he is documented in Treviso, where he seems to have remained. There he became a disciple of Pordenone, from whom he learnt the art of fresco, and also came into contact with Lorenzo Lotto, Paris Bordone and Lorenzo Fiumicelli (c. 1500–82). Beccaruzzi’s first documented activity was in 1531, when with Fiumicelli he took charge of an altarpiece for the parish church of Castello di Biancade, later completed by Bordone. By the 1540s Titian was his main influence, as is evident in the Assumption of the Virgin (1544; Valdobbiádene, Arcipretate) and the signed and dated Stigmatization of St Francis (1545; Venice, Accad.), from Conegliano Cathedral, two of his few documented works. A significant corpus of portraits, deeply imitative of Titian, has been assigned to Beccaruzzi; the only signed example is the Portrait of a Young Woman (Bergamo, Gal. Accad. Carrara). Many unsound attributions have been made as so few of his surviving works are signed, dated or documented. One of the few documents from his later years is a contract of 1546 for an altarpiece for S Vendemmiano, near Conegliano, executed by Giampietro Silvio (d 1552) in 1549.


Portrait of a Man



A Ballplayer and His Page



Portrait of a Woman


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