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Beekman Chris    

(b The Hague, 26 May 1887; d Blaricum, 13 Jan 1964).

Dutch painter. Between 1900 and 1907 he worked in the Plateelfabriek Rozenburg. He took etching lessons with Willem de Zwart. His earliest paintings were in the style of the Hague school. In 1913 he travelled to Paris and as a result began working in a pointillist style. In 1914 he made contact with H. P. Bremmer and was friends with Bart van der Leck. Beekman chose subjects from everyday working-class life. In 1917 he had some contact with Kazimir Malevich in Russia. Between 1918 and 1921 he produced abstract compositions influenced by De Stijl. He also continued with figurative work in van der Leck’s style of 1912–13. He worked with Robert van t’ Hoff for whom he produced interior designs for houses. During World War II he was active in the Resistance and depicted this involvement in his work.


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