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Guo Beiping is one of the most outstanding artists in the area of figure painting in China today. His masterful style of artwork is highly recognized and appreciated by many private and cooperate collectors around the world. In the past decade, Guo was invited to many national and international art exhibitions and won various top prizes. His artworks are widely collected by art collectors and museums in many countries and areas.

Several years ago Guo Beiping was invited to visit New York. During his first trip to the Unites States, he opened his individual exhibition at the National Art Club. This was the first time American audiences and artists had an opportunity to view his grateful figure oil paintings. Because of Guo Beiping’s successful career and important contribution to the figure painting, the American Oil & Acrylic Painter’s Society decided the first time in its history to grant its oversea membership to a Chinese artist. Guo becomes the first and the only Chinese artist who received the honor.

Guo Beiping’s art career started and has mostly been developed in Shaanxi , China where thousand years of history and culture was generated and inherited. He was one of the top art students in the city only art high school when the Culture Revolution started. He was sent down to the northen part of Shaanxi, a very isolated and poor area. He was assigned to a small culture unit with only five people. Everyday they either wrote political slogans or did nothing. He tried very hard to keep his art skills fresh. When the Culture Revolution was over, he was selected to a art institute to begin his graduate study. The beautiful historical lectures and hereditary culture as well as the life in the countryside has a strong impact on his artworks. Many of Guo’s painting figures appear in a dreamland or historical background. It makes a very strong contrast with the lighter skin of the nude bodies. All of his figure paintings show Gou’s masterful skills in free of using colors and body curves. He is very good at using large size of canvas to make the figures more attractive and lively appear . The “Red Background?, at the beginning of this page, is a typical painting of Guo’s style.

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