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Belluschi Pietro

(b Ancona, 18 Aug 1899).

American architect of Italian birth. He graduated in civil engineering from the University of Rome (1922) and went to Cornell University, Ithaca, NY (1924), and remained in the USA, moving to Portland, OR. His career falls into four distinct phases. He joined the firm of A. E. Doyle Associates as a draughtsman in 1925 and upon Doyle’s death in 1928 became chief designer, remaining an associate of the firm until 1942. His first major commission was for extensions to the Portland Art Museum (1929), which brought him national acclaim. Completed in 1932, the design was remarkably modern in its crisp, unornamented brick and innovative use of natural daylighting. Belluschi was invited to design additions to the museum over a period of more than 40 years. In 1936 Belluschi designed his own house, the first of a series of private residences demonstrating his commitment to the Modern Movement, and bearing the influence of Frank Lloyd Wright and the influence of Japanese architecture. Eschewing the fashionable historicizing trends in favour of simple, unpainted wooden buildings with gently pitched roofs, integrated with their natural sites, he drew inspiration from the simple vernacular.


Commonwealth Building in Portland



St Mary's Cathedral


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