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(b Naples, Feb 1607; d Naples, 1656).

Italian painter. He trained in the studio of Filippo Vitale, whose stepdaughter Diana de Rosa (d 1602), also a painter, he married in 1626. Andrea Vaccaro was his cousin, and Francesco (Pacecco) de Rosa, Giovanni Dò and Aniello Falcone were all brothers-in-law. His art reveals an obvious affinity with the fresh and direct naturalism of Falcone, yet he was also responsive to the more picturesque style and richer colours of Giovanni Benedetto Castiglione and Pietro Giovanni Novelli, and to the classicism of Roman Bolognese painters whose influence had begun to reach Naples. Outstanding among his earliest recorded works are the frescoes (1644–5) in the church of S Maria degli Angeli at Pizzafalcone, Naples, which show the Annunciation to Joachim, the Annunciation to Anne, God the Father and scenes from the Old Testament. These works are close in style to three pictures for S Prócolo, Pozzuoli, the Miracle of St Alexander, the Last Supper and St Martin and the Beggar. The most important of the works done for private collectors are Lot Made Drunk by his Daughters (Bologna, M. Pradelli priv. col.), an elegant, richly coloured picture which suggests the lyrical art of Bernardo Cavallino, and the portrait of Carlo di Tocco on Horseback (mid–1640s; Naples, Pin. Pio Monte della Misericordia).


Fuga di Lot con la moglie e le figlie


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