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 Solon Spencer Beman



Solon Spencer Beman        

(b Brooklyn, NY, 1 Oct 1853; d Chicago, IL, 23 April 1914).

American architect. Although famous for his model industrial towns of Pullman (1880–95), IL, and Ivorydale (1883–8), OH, he contributed substantially to the first-generation achievement of the CHICAGO SCHOOL of architecture in the USA. Apprenticed to the firm of Upjohn & Upjohn, New York, he practised primarily in the Midwest, executing a large and important range of commercial, ecclesiastic and domestic projects, in a variety of styles. Beman designed the Mines and Mining and Merchant Tailors pavilions for the World’s Columbian Exposition (Chicago, 1893), a crucial turning-point in his career. Thereafter, he abandoned his former playful eclecticism and took on the sobriety and unity of the Renaissance and classical styles.



Grand Central Station, Chicago Ill.



Grand Central Station was designed by architect Solon Spencer Beman
for the Wisconsin Central Railroad, and was completed by the Chicago



The Pioneer Building (since the Pioneer Press doesn't operate here anymore),
this utilitarian masterpiece was designed by Solon Beman and completed in 1889.


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