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Bencovich [Bencovic, Bencovitch, Benkovitch; il Dalmatino], Federico [Federichetto; Federiko; Ferigheto; Ferighetto]

(b ? Dalmatia or Venice, ?1677; d Görz [Gorica, now Gorizia], 8 July 1753).

Croatian painter. He belonged to a noble family who originated on the island of Brazza (now Brac) or of Lesina (Hvar) and had possessions in Dalmatia. From c. 1695 he was apprenticed in Carlo Cignani’s Bologna workshop; he assisted Cignani in painting the Assumption of the Virgin (begun 1686) in the chapel of the Madonna del Fuoco in Forlí Cathedral. The classicizing style of his first known independent work, Juno (1707; Forlí, Pal. Foschi), is close to Cignani. While in Venice (1710–16), Bencovich met Lothar Franz von Schönborn (1655–1729), Prince-Bishop of Mainz, for whom he executed works for Schloss Pommersfelden: Hagar and Ishmael in the Desert and the Sacrifice of Iphigenia (both 1715; Pommersfelden, Schloss Weissenstein); the Sacrifice of Isaac (1720; Zagreb, Strossmayer Gal.); and Apollo and Marsyas (untraced). All are intensely dramatic, with elongated figures in a strange, cold light.


Hagar und der Engel



The Madonna and Child



Frate in meditazione



A hermit


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