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(b Warsaw, 30 Oct 1894; d Paris, 2 Aug 1967).

Polish painter, designer and writer, active in France. He studied at the School of Art, Warsaw (1904–9), in Antwerp, and at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts, Paris (1911–12). In the 1910s he was attracted to Futurism and the work of the Russian avant-garde, and he became one of the originators of Polish Constructivism. His early works show the influence of the Section d’Or, Cubism and Purism. He was a member of the Jung Jiddisch group in 1921–2. He lived in Berlin in 1922–3, exhibiting twice at the Grosse Berliner Kunstausstellungen. Back in Warsaw, he joined the Constructivist BLOCK GROUP.



Construction mecano-factural, 1924



Photograph by Edward Hartwig showing Henryk Berlewi and his works accompanied by Models
in Hotel Europe, Warsaw, 1960s.


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